Adam A Zango denies speculations saying he is involved in gay activities.

Popular Kannywood actor, Adam Zango, has denied speculations circulating in the Hausa film industry that he was involved in gay activities with some of his colleagues in the

Mr. Zango denied this on a Desmims Television talk show in Kaduna on Thursday.

He said I am here to tell the whole world that I am not gay and I do not participate in any gay activities within and outside the Kannywood industry.

The actor, who was dressed in black polo tracksuit and a fez cap, subsequently removed his cap and placed the Holy Quran on his head and swore that he had never been part of gay activities in his life.

Kannywood had, in recent times, come under attack from Muslim clerics and residents of especially Kano and Kaduna, with some accusing entertainers of sodomy.
One cleric, Sani Abdu, told Newsmen in Kaduna that he received information that
actors and actresses were engaging in gay activities but that no one had ever been caught.

Mr. Abdu said in order to protect the community and alert
the Hausa film community, we keep cautioning them on that and you can see that they are coming out to say they do not do this or that, meaning something fishy could be happening somewhere,.

He called on the film industry regulator to also investigate the unholy relationships that might be going on among players in the industry.

Mustapha Naburaska, another popular Kannywood actor, also announced on his Instagram wall that he was not gay and had
never been one.

He also promised to expose those he knew were involved in the act.

Naburaska, said I want to tell the public that we know who
are making this false accusation about us and soon we shall release some recordings that
will exposed them.

Another actor, Baban Chinedu, just like Mr. Zango, also recently placed the Quran on his head, swearing that he had never engaged in gay activities.

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