A. A ZAURA: No Mortal Dare Stops This Exceptional Master Of The Game

Power, influence, affluence, lasting legacy, authority, dictating tune, ability to decide, tools to execute and implement, respect, express route to do and undo, making decisions, tools to influence and decide others fate, opportunity to transform the society and absolute control of resources and utilizing it either negative or positive, are some of the opportunities that can only be acquire through constitutionally backed and secure process of holding election. And it's only democracy that gives such opportunity to any aspiring for position, which can only be achieve by using political party in any democratic country in the world.

As such political parties are scattered across the entire democracy practising global world. Politicians can do the usual, unimaginable and anything to grab power especially the desperate breed who believes and perceived it as the simplices route to acquire wealth and power, as such politics especially in underdeveloped countries such as ours. The game is associated with intrigues, gimmick, manipulations, treachery, blackmail, dubious plots and counter plots, names calling, false promises, manipulation, deception, rancour and other vices associated with it and what's make it been unfortunately refers as dirty game.

As such fighting and dubious machinate plots is rampant and even normal among party members both from within and outside. As it is presently happening in kano, is an open secret that rancour and dirty political game is presently been played to the extent that the crisis in the ruling party is degenerating to the level where it may spell doom for the entire party if solution has not been found. And the genesis of the brouhaha revolves around leadership tussle between the party heavyweights which is been driven by selfish interest and survival instincts. But one seat that is highly contested and  is the major issue that is making the crises escalating by the day is struggling and fighting for the exalted seat of the governor.

In fact the crisis which is causing fracas and breeding confrontational tendencies among the party members that are divided, leading to an unfortunate exchange of bitter words, castigation, names calling and other self damages attacks which if not properly handle may  consequently led to lost of power to the opposition which would be handed to them on the platter of gold. 

The bone of contention here is the battle of supremacy to take overall control of the party structure between the sitting governor and group of seven aggrieved members who called themselves G7. The unfortunate fracas and absolute display of desperation and unmerited conflicts which led to organizing two parallel congress which gave birth to two set of leadership in the same party, each claimed to be the authentic and democratically elected leadership and wholeheartedly believed they are the true representatives of party. An issue which has now been subjected to court battle where one faction is now claiming to be the authentic leaders based on the misinterpretation of court verdict and an appeal has been tendered to high court by the faction that has the support and backing of the sitting Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, while the self assumed victorious faction headed and backed by the G7 group which has the former governor and Minister now a current Senator Ibrahim Shekarau, are now presenting themselves to the public world as the only genuine and court ruling backed leaders of the party.

The leadership of the party at National level and other stakeholders are deeply worried over the issue due to electoral advantage of the state in determining the overall winner in presidential election based on its large chunk of voting populace having becomes the most densely populated city in the entire country part from Lagos. As such loosing the state during Governortorial election is akin to loosing presidency. As such the national body of the party has taken it upon themselves to brought the fracas to it's end. Despites the fact that, the party national body has recognized and stamped the Governor faction led by Abdullahi Abbas as the recognized and accepted leadership in the state, they still are engrossed on reconciliation of the warring factions so as not experience backlash and sabotage from the aggrieved faction.

One can vividly and unequivocally said without any iota of doubt that the major force and brain behind the formation of the group who hoodwinked other aggrieved members to join the bandwagon is no one other than a serving Senator whose desperation to occupy the most exalted seat of the governor is open and highly exposed. But the man later found out that the leadership of the party and the sitting governor are not favourably dispose to the idea and therefore the emergence of Abdullahi Abbas as the party Chairman would spell doom to his nagging ambition. His outburst and underground plot led to formation of the group which it's entire members are also afraid of losing their tickets from the party hierarchy. That's what gave room for the formation of the group and nothing else. 

And to be fair to His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, based on the policy and guiding rule of the party which is been practices, it is his right and privilege to be the leader of the party in the state as a sitting governor in the party. And as a leader of the party he has more rights, privileges and entitlement to decide who head the party as it's chairman in his state. This is an open and party practices policy which everyone knows including the warring faction. No governor can allow anyone to temper with the policy and deprives him of his authority and Ganduje is no exception. It is also an open secret that every departing governor always has an upper say in determining who got the ticket of the party after his tenure. Governors are known to be practicing and implementing the said style since the emergence of democracy in Nigeria. They crave and yearn for someone to occupy the throne who would be loyal to them and in the process continues with their unfinished projects and preserve their legacy, as such they normally identified with their personal choice and anointed candidate which in almost all cases ended up becoming the party flag bearer. That also a privilege and propagative that no governor would allows anyone to toy with.

From the aforementioned reality of the situation, the said aggrieved members are also not favourably dispose to the idea of working with the presumed and unofficially mention prepared candidate of the governor. Despites the fact that it may be a mere speculations, but they wholeheartedly believed that the said candidate is the yet to be announced the prepared candidate of the governor..

As a member of the party who is contributing his quota in making the party strong and an acknowledged advocate of governor policies, not mention confronting and depending His Execelleny against his oppositions and envious crooks, I would like to personally plead with His Excellency to pinpoint and choose the Youthful, Vibrant, humble, decent, humanistic, intellectually endowed and current most talk about politician A.A Zaura. For Abdulsalam Abdulkareem A A Zaura is not just like our modern days politicians. Called him Mr Pure and clean with no skeleton in his cup board, the man is absolutely loyal and respectable to the governor due to his personal beliefs and conviction of His Execelleny extraordinary and unprecedented achievements couple with his his humble nature and simplicity. And above all, the man Zaura is at peace with party leadership, at peace with opposition, at peace with warring faction and at peace with people of the state. It would be a much easier and smooth way of gaining acceptance from the warring faction for he is in good terms with the members of the factions who would found it easy to accept and corporate with governor on that noble choice. He bear no grudges with any party members and even opposition as such no one would feel shortchange by taking that noble route. In reality, His Execelleny has a joker in his card that would clear road for total victory from within and even outside opposition camp.

Let's the the truth be told,  had it been we are fortunate enough to be in any of the globally advance country where integrity, pasts antecedent, well articulate vision and agenda, educational endowment, exposure, connectivity, genuine and selfless sacrifice to humanity, humility, decency and natural zeal to bring transformation are the yardstick and major requirements to elect a leader, then I can say unquivocably and with sense of pride that  the man would have been given the ticket and mandate to be the party flag bearer in our ancient city without going through the hurdles and rigorous process of conducting primary election.

For here is a man who is fully endowed with all the above mentioned qualities and even more. To begin with, the man is Integrity personified. A decent business man who is able to climbed the ladder of been successful with abundance of several lucrative business venture scattered across the globe. His business acumen couped with integrity and honesty in all his dealings are ingredients that are lifting him up  to the extent that he is today been counted among the most successful and globally acknowledged business tycoons. His wealth is clean, pure and hard-earned. A proceed of an articulated, brilliant and exceptional brain that knows how to play it's card and press the right button. Having him as a governor would transform the state  economic standard by attracting foreign investors, sustainable and profitable economic policy wrap with global effective standard of generating revenue that would be in a professional manner that would ensure blockage of dubious means in which some ungrateful personals use to steal from the state treasury.

Decency and humility has been his trademark in politics. It is vividly clear and an open secret that Politics of the state is always been associated with dirty and unmerited fighting among the same party members and opposition. Treading insults, name-calling, dehumanizing, immoral wording, castigations and unfounded allegations and other dirty scumble too numerous to mention. As those supporters backed by their individual sponsors are busy fighting and bearing their face naked in this shameful act, the man Zaura has oriented and trained his supporters and media aides the act of playing politics with decency and mutual respect of others. They are tutored to spread love, peace and harmony coupled with act of sticking to the rule of law, respect of the existing authority and rational not blindfolded loyalty. You would never find any of his notable supporters castigating or  insulting anyone. To him, politics is an avenue of seeking people mandate and support to be in a position to better their lives. As such it never meant to be a do or die affairs if one is really sincere and driven by zeal to serve humanity unless one is mentally desperate to occupy position for self aggrandizement and nothing else.

An educated to the core, the man popularly refers as Execelleny has deep hunger of knowledge which led him to aquire certificates in different fields and capped it with a Masters Degree. As he value education and it's important to humanity, the man has and still spending a fortune in building classrooms, provision of instructional equipments, provision of scholarship to downtrodden, building and renovations of islamiyya schools and many other humanitarian gestures to the educational sectors and easing the pain of downtrodden which has been his trademark for over a decade.

It is on record that all those aspiring for the seat have in one time or the other held or still holding public office or works with government or it's agency. Despites all his humanitarian gestures that spanked for almost two decade through his globally acknowledged A. A. Zaura Foundation which it's activities covers all areas of need to the downtrodden, fatherless kids and infrastructural developments to the humanity which is swallowing unprecedented astronomical amount of money running into billions. And the glaring fact worthy of mentioning is the fact that the man has never held public office, elected or appointed. Never work for government in any capacity, but a mere astute and effective self-made successful business man. Therefore, having him as a governor would simply brought sanity and peaceful yet effective administration's headed by man that is as pure as saint without any skeleton in his cup board. The fear of investigative agency descending with one charge, petitions or the other is non-existent.

Having an experience and widely travelled personality with wide range of connectivity with powerful politicians and business gurus across the globe would surely comes handy in building the state in every human developmental sectors that would be handle and program based on international standard that would tally with technological changes occuring in our global world. An experience and expert in global transitional trends, he is indeed a right choice that is abreast with reality of the happenings around the global world.

His youthful nature is indeed a plus to his aspiration as the developmental oriented nations in the world are now entrusting their future and collective destiny in the hands of capable and highly talented youth to take them to the promised land. Infact that what prompted our government to initiate and implement the policy and mantra of "Not too young to rule' advocacy. In Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, we are immensely blessed to have a youth who has attain the level of rubbing shoulders with high and mighty. A youth burning with unquenchable hunger and desire to save humanity, set a new developmental policies, change our way of doing things, create a lasting legacy and prioritize trenperacy and accountability in handling government activities. A rare jam that deserved the support of those yearning for a brighter future for our generation and generations yet unborn.

As it now vividly clear to all and sundry that A. A is at the moment the best and only for the party and to have someone who is sellable material that is at peace with everyone and fully equipped with all the qualities needed in resourceful and result oriented leadership which would give room for lasting peace and developments. A winning blood whom millions would gladly vote and accepted.

And moreover, if at the end of the day, reconciliation between His Execelleny Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and the undisputed political heavyweight in the person of leader of the Kwankwasiya block in P.D.P , a former governor and senator who still have and enjoy support and trust of the huge number of followers especially youth Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, became a reality,  and His Execelleny got justifiable recognition and privilege to present a candidate for the seat, presenting Zaura would surely be accepted and commended by the former Senator having have a first hand knowledge of A. A. Zaura capability, competence, fellowship and antecedent. It's indeed going to be an easy ride that would generate general acceptance without any rancour or lamentation..

Shariff Aminu Ahlan

Zaura Intellectual Soldier.


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